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Been having several e-mails from disgruntled anglers who cannot get on the shop site as their internet security is telling them that Sconezone is a Phishing site..!!

It IS a FISHING site, so you can all tell your big security geezer in the black suit and wrap-around shades that Sconezone IS on the list and CAN come in..!

Seriously, it seems to be happening especially with Kaspersky AV software, so I’ve had the finest electronic brains in the known Universe (Spock, Proffessor Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking) have a close look under the covers, and it appears that the site is TOTALLY SAFE.

So, my advice is to lower the level of the internet doormen by standing on them from a great height and continue shopping with the best quality, best value, double-hard pole float shop on the planet.

I thenk-Yow…


Back of the net…!!

All up and running again…

It took a bit of sorting and the wife is now officially silent (the operation went well..!), but the shop is done and dusted and out from under her feet. I was sick of getting nagged at (20,000 floats takes some housing..!) but no-more..!

I’m also introducing everyone to my new Q+A web forum. It’s a simple affair which takes little skill to navigate, but the main idea was to give all my customers, new and old, an easy way of contacting me to ask anything technical about Sconezone products…you know the stuff; “how do I shot this pattern” and “how come you are so good looking” etc. The site will also be regularly updated with new product availability (I plan to take over the world..!) and also contain a section for general chat.

Its no MFS or Maggotdrowners, but it’s a nice little comfy place to go when you want to ask and learn about anything pole-float related (or anything else for that matter..!)

So; get yourselves over to sconezone.freeforums.org and have a butchers.

See you in a bit,



been a hectic month or two at Sconeee Towers..!

I can’t quite believe that it’s already officially “Autumn”, but it just seems to get busier and busier. Work with Maver is as bad with loads of projects on the go and it’s good to say that I’ve probably got another 12 months before all are sorted even without taking anything else on…

Sales of the new Horsepower range have been nothing short of fantastic and it can only be helped by the fact that two more top-level anglers now love what I do…Matt Godfrey and Tom Scholey have officially endorsed Sconezone Floats and use the Wellardz and V6’s for all their up in the water fishing now. Watch out for a review in “Used and Abused” in Pole Fishing Magazine soon.

Orders taken after Wednesday this week (September 4th) will be delayed by about a week as I’m currently having to move all my stock into a better location (the wife wants me out of the house see…Note to self: “get her gob sewn up again”), but I’ll keep taking orders as normal. Just please be aware of this when placing orders and thanks for your patience..!

I’ve also been asked many times now (so often that I can’t ignore it any longer..!) to put up some diagrams of ideal shotting patterns etc…Well; I’m going to do better than that..! My new forum will be open within the next two or three weeks and it’s there that you can ask anything about floats, shotting, build, in fact anything related to Sconezone products. There will even be a section for “general chat” where you can post on any fishing (or non-fishing iof you feel like it..!) related topics. I’ll not put the address on as yet as it’s not quite finished, but I’m hoping it will help answer all your pole-fishing queries.

Right…must go as I’ve got 20,000 pole floats to sort out..!

Tight lines.

New stuff in the shop soon..!


Been hard at work designing a new, 3 pattern range to add to my collection. They will available within the next 3 or 4 weeks (posh photo’s being sorted..!) and will come under the header “Horse-Power Range”.

The 3 patterns are:

  • V6…A similar float to the very popular Jubleez, it also features a line-through design as well as the new double-wound spring eyes. I reckon that these will be unbreakable in normal (and sometimes abnormal.!) use both shallow fishing and across/edge fishing. They will come in two sizes; 0.2 and 0.3 gram.
  • V8…Similar body shape to the Chianti but much slimmer, giving the float the slimmest profile available. Brilliant for F1 or silvers fishing, but equally at home fishing for shy biting big carp. Same closed-cell foam materials have been used, making line cut something that you never need worry about again. These will come in 3 sizes; 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 gram.
  • V12…Onion shaped body with double-wound spring eye on a thick, 1.7mm hi-glow bristle. Brilliant for meat or corn, but equally good fishing pellet or worm. Closed cell foam body and super-hard finish will make this a winner. A must-have I reckon.! Available in 3 sizes; 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 gram.

Whilst I’m harping on, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Sconezone are now the proud sponsors of Gareth Boycott. Gareth has won many matches on his local FLE/Greenridge Farm venue and is the current Winter League champion. He will be a great addition to the sponsored angler list and I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more about Gareth in the near future.!

That’s me done for another month…watch out for the new Horse-Power range appearing in the shop section.




Yep….spring is here, although you could have fooled me..!! I have yet to see a single daffodil, a baby lamb or that shiny round burny thing in the sky which heralds the advent of warmer weather, but nevermind eh. Can’t get any worse than the winter we’ve just had can it?

Anyway, I digress; To celebrate the arrival of tackle-box sorting and general “I must get rid of those worms I’ve had in my carryall since last September” tidying, Sconezone are again extending the “Triple-5” deal on pole floats.

To remind you, the offer is that if you purchase 20-quids worth of floats, you get an extra 3 chucked in (worth £5:55…see; clever innit..!!) at no cost to you. Simples..!

Right; I’m off to make some rigs up. Anyone know where I can get any floats?


“Triple-5” offer extended…!

To celebrate the new year, Sconezone have decided to extend the “Triple-5” offer until the end of January. This gives you all a chance to top up your boxes (ooo-errr missus..!) with the best pole-floats on the market ready for the coming spring.

I spent countless hours over the Xmas period, sniffling miserably in my tackle shed (Man-Flu) making rigs and generally tidying stuff up, and it’s looking good. Nice trays full of winders with bits of line and lovely gold-camo floats all ready for action. Stroll-on I say..!

Remember to get your top-up orders in before the offer runs out; You only have to spend twenty-English including post and you’ll recieve 3 free Sconezone floats worth £5:55. Can’t say fairer than that..!

Have a great 2013 and keep bagging.



Sconezone “Triple-5” Xmas special…

It’s here again…!

I love Xmas, but generally it’s for the time-off more than the actual festivities; give’s me time to sort my gear out and generally wind-down after a year of chaos..!

Anyway, I’ve decided that as a thanks to all my loyal customers (and there are many..!) I’m going to give a little-something back.

All orders of over £20.00 in total (including postage) will get the “triple-5” treatment. That means you’ll get 3 free Sconezone floats worth £5.55 in each order…just as a thanks..! (offer runs out 31st December 2012 at midnight)

Merry Xmas